Spotlight Series 01: Shelboy (Progressive Big Room House)


San Jose, CA, United States

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Shelboy is a name that not many are familiar with. But that is going to change. With support from Victor and The Music Ninja, the San Jose native is just going from strength to strength, releasing massive big room tracks that will make any venue shake. With his own brand of aggressive big room house he is taking the EDM scene by storm. got Shelboy to deliver a mix that will make any rager happy.

How long have you been producing?

I’ve been producing for about 3 years. I have always had a passion for electronic music since grade school when trance and hardstyle were still very much underground and out of the spotlight. After graduating high school I began my productions on a variety of DAWs starting with Reason and eventually ending up with FL Studio.

How would you classify your music?

The genre of music I strive for is a blend of aggressive bigroom house and hardstyle. I like to include aspects from many different genres to make my tracks unique and exciting. Though I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre and recently have been experimenting with infusions of trap and progressive sounds.

What sets you and your music apart from the rest in the scene?

I like to believe that my style is a new and evolving type of music that is always changing and progressing throughout the years. When I play out, I always try to create an energy in the crowd that gets everyone dancing.

What artists have supported you in your journey so far?

Victor Niglio, has been a “HUGE” support for me and recently have been getting great feedback from a lot of EDM blogs and radio shows which is AWESOME! Also supported by my close friends who are up and coming producers as well Voodoo Tribe, Twofold, and Jake Sgarlato.

Plans for the future? Upcoming projects?

I have big plans for 2014. I’m working hard to keep improving my music and
show the fans what my sounds have to offer. I feel getting my name out in the scene is the best way to succeed in the industry. I’m always striving for bigger and better things. I have lots of projects in the works at the moment. I am just about to finish up another original track which I’m REALLY excited about and I thinkpeople will LOVE where I went with it. It’s very different and the best way I can explain it would be “Aggressive bigroom, Hardstyle, and Trap”. I’ve also got a few collabs coming up featuring my good friends Jake Sgarlato and Twofold, and the hardstyle trio Voodoo Tribe.

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