Spotlight Series 05: Featuring Legacy (Electro Dirty Dutch Dubstep)


Florida, USA

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1. How long have you been producing?

Well we started to mes with different sounds and songs a year ago, but didn’t start taking things seriously until 5 months ago after we came out with Doomsday.

2. How would you classify your music?

House/Electro, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep crazy kinda music. Our music is the shit that you rage to!

3. You’ve remixed some pretty big, well-known tracks like “Animals” and “Language.” What sets your remixes apart?

I feel that our remixes are different because we try and compliment the original song yet also add just the right amount of that extra energy we feel that the song could use.

4. “DROP THAT LAZOR” was featured on’s Moombahton channel a few months back. How did that come about and what was the reception like?

Well obviously we were ecstatic, we are always happy to see someone post our music no matter who they are. We emailed them our track and that posted Doomsday. We are seeing more and more blogs supported our music.

5. Plans for the future? Upcoming projects?

Legacy is going to blow up in 2014. We have so many awesome songs that we cant wait to release and share with everyone. Also we are being booked for our first international show in Canada on January 17th.

6. Dream producer to work with?

Oooo thats a hard one but probably Hardwell. Others would be Knife Party, Dyro, Martin Garrix and LetsbeFriends.


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