Spotlight Series 04: Featuring: Jake Sgarlato (Electro House)

Jake Sgarlato


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Jake Sgarlato is one of the rising acts in EDM more recently. With support from Victor Niglio and DVBBS, the California native is just growing from strength to strength. His tracks have already been supported on BBC 1 Extra, RageTracks, and The Music Ninja.

1. How long have you been producing?

Almost 2 years!

2. How would you classify your music? What makes it unique?

I love creating a super melodic, catchy, and entertaining melody that just grab peoples attention. Then completely melting there faces with a drop. I’m really trying to just be a tad different. People think I’m going one direction with a track but then I completely blind side them. Man, I love music.

3. What artists have supported you in your journey so far?

There are really only 2 big artists that believe in my style right now and that’s Victor Niglio and Jake Shanahan. I will never forget these guys. I believe that my journey in this industry is very bright and so do they.

4. What is the electronic music scene like in California?

Fucking great. A lot of people love the scene out here. It’s super great for me. I’ll go to a party or out to dinner with my family and people that I haven’t seen in awhile or random people will approach me and tell me they love my music or want to see me play. It’s so great that people you would never expect? listen to EDM and my music. I don’t know, I think I’m doing something right!

5. You just released a new track, “3NVS.” What has the feedback been like so far?

Pretty great! I’m really trying to target as many blogs as possible. It’s very hard to get your music heard. I’m hoping another big artist will support that track soon. It has such a festival feel to it.

6. Plans for the future? Upcoming projects?

I have a ton. Also, have a couple big label releases coming in 2014 but I can’t announce that yet :D Soon I promise! So, right now I’m really focusing on myself. I do have a couple collabs coming up but my main priority is busting out these bangers.

7. Dream producer to work with?

Daaaamn, such a ridiculous question.. I don’t know even know. Probably would have to be R3hab. It’ll happen someday no doubt. Super random but I’m really pushing for a Riggi & Piros collab though. Fingers crossed.. It would be fucking sick.


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