Spotlight Series 06: Featuring Nicorex (Dirty Bass/Dubstep/Trap)


California, USA

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1. How long have you been producing?

About a year. I just recently started focusing more on production.

2. How would you classify your music? What makes it unique

Well the music I’m working on now definitely relates to what I spin live. I like to connect with every EDM lover whether they dig House, Dubstep, Trap, Drum& Bass etc. One of the dopest things about spinning is being able to interact with the crowd. I can get pretty crazy haha, so being able to bring out the craziness in a crowd is really awesome and one of my main objectives. I’m not a huge fan of breakdowns so I always try to avoid those and keep the energy high throughout my entire set.

3. What’s it like being a young, female DJ on the scene?

It’s challenging being a female dj because there’s always the stereotype that a female can’t dominate in a male dominated industry and that’s why when I preform, I try my best to throw down a set that makes everyone rage and remember that a girl did that ;)

4. What’s your favorite song to drop?

Ahhhh that’s such a hard question!!!
Protohype & 12th Planet - Like This 
Rvtchet Bitch (Milo & Otis Remix)
Higher Ground [Lets Be Friends Re-Amp]

5. Plans for the future? Upcoming projects?

I’m definitely going to be putting a lot of focus on getting tracks out there. I’ve been working on a remix of a “TAI x Diplo – Booty Drop” with my good friend, Omeguh, which should be coming out very very very soon. I’m super stoked for this one! I think it has a lot of potential.

6. Dream producer to work with?

Ahhh that’s tough. The top of the list for me would definitely be Pegboard Nerds. Every track they put out is gold.


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