Krewella’s Troll Mixes Vol. 1, 2, 3: Review

krewella-troll-mixNever associate trolls with anything bad ever again.

Krewella, the talented trio from Chicago, has released three hour-long mixes in the “Troll Mix” series to date, each one more epic than the next in its own way.

The first mix, Troll Mix Vol. 1 F*** Finals Edition, introduces listeners to the hard-hitting, in-your-face music these three thrive off of.

In the first few minutes, the listener is thrown into DotEXE’s remix of “One Minute,” which kicks off the mix in a fantastic manner.

From there, the mix moves swiftly into tracks from artists such as Pendulum, Feed Me and The Bloody Beetroots.

The way the mix flows so seamlessly from chill elements to extreme dubstep beats is unbeatable.

Along the way, Krewella shows love to many of EDM’s most-loved artists including Zedd, Foreign Beggars and Diplo, and brings in brilliant remixes of songs the listener would never expect, including a remix of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” and Matisyahu’s “Live Like A Warrior.”

It comes epically to an end with Pegboard Nerds’ remix of “Alive,” leaving the audience wanting more.

530773_469739419752119_1478433956_nAbout a month later, along comes Troll Mix Vol 2. Road To Ultra.

This mix is significantly more varied in the types of music it offers, including beastly trap elements and some much-needed drum & bass.

The mix starts off with STRATUS’ remix of Krewella’s most well-known track, “Killin’ It,” which has much more of a trap feel than the original, but is instantly appealing.

The mix flows almost effortlessly through favorites such as Modestep, Nero, and Pegboard Nerds, who all add excellent content to the set.

Krewella’s remix of Zedd’s “Scorpion Move” is easily one of the best tracks in the mix, showcasing Jahan and Yasmine’s beautiful vocals, along with Zedd’s sick beats and bass drops.

Fans will be thrilled with the total versatility shown by the trio in putting together this mix, all while mixing in completely incredible remixes of their own best songs.

As Troll Mix Vol. 2 races toward the 30-minute mark, listeners will be thrilled to hear some brand new Krew material, specifically a preview of “This Is Not The End” with Pegboard Nerds just after the 26-minute mark.

In short, this song is incredible, and it’s followed up with some excellent trap featuring Chuckie and Junxterjack’s track “Make Some Noise (GLOWINTHEDARK & Wax Motif remix).”

Even as the mix quiets down for a few seconds during the beginnings of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo’s “Easy/Ministry of Sound” and “Hello Chicago (Ashley Wallbridge remix)” by Topher Jones and Amada ft. Ido vs. The World, it instantly builds back up into solid house and electro beats.

The second half of the mix includes three Krewella songs, featuring “Play Hard” and Cash Cash & DJ Kalkutta’s remix of “Alive,” both of which are solid musical gold.

After dropping Netsky’s bass-heavy “Detonate,” the trio ends the mix with a different remix of “Killin’ It,” this time by KillaGraham.

As always, this track perfectly sums up what Krewella has been doing since the beginning – “Killin’ It.”

69284_480548215337906_1346420364_nTroll Mix Vol. 3 Makeout Edition came out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Even though it didn’t seem possible, this mix is completely different from the first two, but is just as revolutionary.

This mix is more chill than the other two and still has a great appeal to those who may prefer more trance or slower beats.

It begins with an easygoing remix of Krewella’s “Alive” by Stephen Swartz, setting the mood for the whole mix.

In accordance with the Makeout Edition theme, the mix moves into songs such as “Crave You (Adventure Club remix)” by Flight Facilities and “Baby Come Back” by Kill Paris, but still maintains heavy dubstep elements at times.

This mix throws out love to artists such as Ellie Goulding, Sia, and La Roux, showcasing excellent female vocals.

One of the best tracks on the mix is toward the end and is honestly completely unexpected.

KillaGraham’s remix of the well-known “I’m On One” by DJ Khaled ft. Drake and Lil Wayne is exceptional, and mixes in well with the Ellie Goulding and Tinie Tempah song it precedes.

This trio is definitely “on one” – on a huge streak of success.

Krewella knows no limits and with each mix draw in new and unique listeners who continue to be fascinated by their versatility and ability to constantly keep us raging.

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Article Written By Robyn Dexter from Dexter’s Beat Laboratory

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